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Harry Gakhal has over a decade of experience and expertise in the Canadian market as a trusted investor, broker, and consultant guiding you each step of the way through your real estate investment journey.

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Buying and selling Real Estate can be one of the biggest decisions that you make and for that I am here to guide you through this process. With over a decade of experience and expertise, a team built for success, and our core beliefs of Trust and Honesty we will help you invest with confidence.

From the vibrant streets of Burlington to the serene neighbourhoods of Oakville, Harry's expertise covers the most sought-after locations in Southern Ontario.

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What our clients
Have to say

Hear from some of our amazing buyers, sellers and investors who are building faster.
“I have been dealing with Harry Gakhal for over two years now and have found him to always be honest and professional.”
John Carter
Home Investor
“When you are interested in a particular area he does his research and gives you good parameters to work with. His advice is accurate and practical.”
Sophie Moore
Home Buyer
“He never pressures you, he listens to your needs and makes every effort to deliver on them.  Harry Gakhal is as great as it gets.”
Matt Cannon
Home Seller
"Working with Harry was game-changer. His knowledge of the GTA and attentive guidance made finding our dream home a seamless experience."
Andy Smith
Home Buyer
"Investing in properties with Harry's expertise was transformative. His keen insights ensured our investments were both strategic and profitable."
John Carter
Home Investor